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What we do

The complex realities of today’s world are calling for new ways of thinking, doing and being in all organisations, whether in business, civil society, education or government.

We need changemakers who care not only for profit, but for society and the environment as well; a shift towards social responsibility and values; and a broadening of long-standing approaches to the development of leadership and management concepts and skills. The future world of work will require resilience, a strong sense of values, and the insights and skills to take responsibility for sustaining meaningful change.

We see meaningful change beginning within the individual through the cultivation of awareness, compassion, and the courage to relate from a basis of trust. This requires the pairing of theory and analysis with a powerful model of practice. Our approach offers mindfulness as this integral discipline, building on the work of Otto Scharmer and the Presencing Institute, and also on the philosophy and practices of Tensegrity, as developed and applied in India.*

Our work is organised as a staged progression – a curriculum - that can be engaged with over a sustained period (partly online), or intensively as an immersion process (for example on a retreat). We offer coherent programmes which anchor new ideas and case studies to contemplative practices (including meditation, mindful movement, process art and journaling). Words are one modality of generative listening and communication; we also create meaning through touch, smell, sound and visualisation.

Our integration of intellectual and embodied interventions is designed to inspire new ways of being and doing at an experiential level, equipping the participants in our programmes with enhanced personal clarity as well as a set of actionable steps to take forwards into the world, to make a difference.

*Gagandeep Singh and Raghu Ananthanarayanan (2013) Organizational Development and Alignment: The Tensegrity Mandala Framework.  Sage.